Wednesday, July 7, 2010


While I'm writing this blog entry, I have been 22 years old for 15 minutes already.

I'll tell you more about my day later on (coz it barely started pa). Hahaha. Ang rami kong pending entries, noh? :)) Just thanking all the people who remembered!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Grove by Rockwell Land: "Life is a Vacation"

Hi friends and blog readers, 

I’m currently part of the Sales and Marketing team of Rockwell Land, specifically The Grove team.

The Grove is a new development and the first development of Rockwell outside Makati City. It’s located along C5 near Ortigas Avenue. It takes on a different resort-like approach of bringing nature close to the lives of its residents. This 5.4-hectare community boasts of 75% open space dedicated to an abundance of landscaped environment. The remaining 25% is made up by towers and a community center.

If you’re interested in checking out The Grove, please let me know anytime. I can also tour you in our model units, just feel free to contact me. Please let your family and friends know about this too.

Sales Executive
Rockwell Land Corporation
Mobile no. (0917)8372891
Tel. no. (632)7930088 Local 1041
US Toll Free: 1-877-OWN-ROCK

Monday, July 5, 2010

Of Thanksgiving Despite the Turmoil...

At the end of the day, these people are the ones who matter... 
(who make me look forward to something at the end of every day)

They make me feel I can 
do anything I want to do. 
They make me feel happy. 
They make me feel safe.
There will be no other human being who can make me feel as special and as loved as they make me feel. 

Dear God
Thank you for my family. Thank you for my boyfriend. Please keep them healthy and safe at all times. They have been my source of strength, especially in times I feel lost or I feel I made a mistake. They're the only ones who can understand me 100% and be there for me no matter how annoying I can be. Thank you for blessing me with the most supportive and loving parents, the most generous and thoughtful sisters and brother-in-law, the sweetest niece, and the most patient boyfriend.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

This is an emo post

I want to cry!!!

I suddenly miss college.

Take me back to Ateneo NOW!

Tears are falling from my eyes.

I need my college friends.

I just need to go back to how things used to be.


Early Birthday Surprise!

He sure knows how to surprise me!!! I'm pressured na tuloy for his birthday :|

So he told me to get his map in his car's compartment 'coz he needed to know how to get to Mandarin hotel.

At first, I didn't want to get it 'coz I told him I can show him the way 'coz I knew how to get there naman. But he was insisting, "Kunin mo na yung map!" hahaha. And when I opened it, I wasn't looking inside pa. Poor Teban. It took 5 seconds or so after opening the compartment before I looked inside.

When I saw the new cellphone, I thought it was his extra phone. So I was seriously going to ask him, "ano 'to? pang text sa girls?" because I remember talking to my friends about (suspiciously) hidden extra phones... Until I realized it was my birthday in 4 days nga pala. It took me awhile before I got it and thanked him. hahaha.

We had an early birthday dinner at Mandarin Oriental Hotel's Paseo Uno. We feasted over food, especially at the dessert table! Although I don't believe in celebrating birthdays earlier, I didn't mind celebrating it this time. How could I resist such an offer, right? :)

Mandarin gave me the white chocolate mousse I've been eating the whole night to take home as their birthday cake for me. I really wished I had better pictures of me and teban that night. It was definitely a very special night. Because we haven't been going out on formal dates for awhile, I really enjoyed being able to be with him during my early birthday dinner. :) Thanks Teban!!! 

White Nokia E71: This is waaaay better than the Nokia C3 in my wishlist! And he even got me the white color! Good taste Teb!!! So I guess I'm saying goodbye to my HTC Pro. Any buyers? Hehe. Teban really executes his surprises for me well. It's always better than what I am expecting for. I want to know how to surprise people too! 
This is my advanced birthday blog entry. I wonder how much I will be able to say about my real birthday entry! So far, this early surprise is rated 11/10!!! Good jobbbbb!!! 

P.S. I'll also blog about my first day soon. Promise.