Friday, December 3, 2010

It's time for my Christmas wishlist!!! :)


Some of these, I might just get! :) hihihi! I can feel Christmas!!! Tralalala!

Longchamp Victoire Medium Long handle in Clay (hmmm... mom and dad? haha)

Nars Blush Orgasm (hmmm... Ate Tin? I wish! hope she reads this.)

Mac Lipstick Morange (need to put some color on. arte hehe)

2011 Starbucks Planner 
(maybe I'll work on this myself...which means Starbucks everyday!)

 Starbucks Cup (yes yes yes... 'coz the doctor said I need to drink lotsa water. hihi)

So... it's either the Bass Glenbrook Oxford

or the Aris Allen Black and White Oxford
(either way, Klau's a happy girl ☺)

Forever 21 Necklaces
- The pink lady necklace is so me ❀
- The knitted necklace and faceted beaded bib necklace are so classy! I want!

Cute Forever 21 headband!
(I'm prioritizing the one on the right though. 
It's the pom pom knit headband. )
 Any colorful scarf similar to this one!
 (reminds me of the shoot with the magical scarf I had with my sister during our debut. hehe)

Nine West Getby Sandals and Steve Madden Turnkey Wedge
(I never thought I'd learn to appreciate shoes. Yey for me!)

 Steve Madden Caryssa Platform Pumps
(I can wear anything at work wearing this color. Worth it!)

BCBGMAXAZRIA Tiered Tulle Dress and Karen Millen Dress
(I'm drooling! Yes, I do love dresses! 
Even though most of my friends would say my dresses all look the same. haha.)

Kensie Girl Soft Melange Open Sweater and Steve Madden Faux Leather Jacket
(Too expensive... I'll settle for something that looks like these ✩)
Gym Mat
 (It doesn't even have to be pink. I just need one at home for my exercises!)

and lastly... a decent business/calling card holder!
(Where to buy a cheap and classy one?)

You see... It's just a WISH list!

Happy Christmas Shopping Everyone!
(Haven't done mine yet though ☹)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I feel like BLOGGING again!

I'M BAAAAAACK... agaaaain!!! 

Needed to focus on work. But because I'm more used to work now 
(and I'm really enjoying it), 
I have the time to blog naaaaa!!! 


But guess what, I'm not exactly in the mood to write happy thoughts now because..... 
 I'm not exactly happy (just now)

So hopefully, I'll be able to make more sense on my next entry. 
Wait for itttt! ☺ 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


While I'm writing this blog entry, I have been 22 years old for 15 minutes already.

I'll tell you more about my day later on (coz it barely started pa). Hahaha. Ang rami kong pending entries, noh? :)) Just thanking all the people who remembered!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Grove by Rockwell Land: "Life is a Vacation"

Hi friends and blog readers, 

I’m currently part of the Sales and Marketing team of Rockwell Land, specifically The Grove team.

The Grove is a new development and the first development of Rockwell outside Makati City. It’s located along C5 near Ortigas Avenue. It takes on a different resort-like approach of bringing nature close to the lives of its residents. This 5.4-hectare community boasts of 75% open space dedicated to an abundance of landscaped environment. The remaining 25% is made up by towers and a community center.

If you’re interested in checking out The Grove, please let me know anytime. I can also tour you in our model units, just feel free to contact me. Please let your family and friends know about this too.

Sales Executive
Rockwell Land Corporation
Mobile no. (0917)8372891
Tel. no. (632)7930088 Local 1041
US Toll Free: 1-877-OWN-ROCK

Monday, July 5, 2010

Of Thanksgiving Despite the Turmoil...

At the end of the day, these people are the ones who matter... 
(who make me look forward to something at the end of every day)

They make me feel I can 
do anything I want to do. 
They make me feel happy. 
They make me feel safe.
There will be no other human being who can make me feel as special and as loved as they make me feel. 

Dear God
Thank you for my family. Thank you for my boyfriend. Please keep them healthy and safe at all times. They have been my source of strength, especially in times I feel lost or I feel I made a mistake. They're the only ones who can understand me 100% and be there for me no matter how annoying I can be. Thank you for blessing me with the most supportive and loving parents, the most generous and thoughtful sisters and brother-in-law, the sweetest niece, and the most patient boyfriend.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

This is an emo post

I want to cry!!!

I suddenly miss college.

Take me back to Ateneo NOW!

Tears are falling from my eyes.

I need my college friends.

I just need to go back to how things used to be.


Early Birthday Surprise!

He sure knows how to surprise me!!! I'm pressured na tuloy for his birthday :|

So he told me to get his map in his car's compartment 'coz he needed to know how to get to Mandarin hotel.

At first, I didn't want to get it 'coz I told him I can show him the way 'coz I knew how to get there naman. But he was insisting, "Kunin mo na yung map!" hahaha. And when I opened it, I wasn't looking inside pa. Poor Teban. It took 5 seconds or so after opening the compartment before I looked inside.

When I saw the new cellphone, I thought it was his extra phone. So I was seriously going to ask him, "ano 'to? pang text sa girls?" because I remember talking to my friends about (suspiciously) hidden extra phones... Until I realized it was my birthday in 4 days nga pala. It took me awhile before I got it and thanked him. hahaha.

We had an early birthday dinner at Mandarin Oriental Hotel's Paseo Uno. We feasted over food, especially at the dessert table! Although I don't believe in celebrating birthdays earlier, I didn't mind celebrating it this time. How could I resist such an offer, right? :)

Mandarin gave me the white chocolate mousse I've been eating the whole night to take home as their birthday cake for me. I really wished I had better pictures of me and teban that night. It was definitely a very special night. Because we haven't been going out on formal dates for awhile, I really enjoyed being able to be with him during my early birthday dinner. :) Thanks Teban!!! 

White Nokia E71: This is waaaay better than the Nokia C3 in my wishlist! And he even got me the white color! Good taste Teb!!! So I guess I'm saying goodbye to my HTC Pro. Any buyers? Hehe. Teban really executes his surprises for me well. It's always better than what I am expecting for. I want to know how to surprise people too! 
This is my advanced birthday blog entry. I wonder how much I will be able to say about my real birthday entry! So far, this early surprise is rated 11/10!!! Good jobbbbb!!! 

P.S. I'll also blog about my first day soon. Promise.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Yellow Family

The Aquino family was bound for fame (or in other words, for the spotlight). Not only because Kris Aquino is part of that family, but because their family has been given a rare duty by God: that is to serve the Filipinos "with all your heart, with all your might and with all your strength" (as put into words by Ninoy Aquino).

First (1960s, 1970s), there was Ninoy Aquino's fight for democracy. He was well-loved by the Filipinos, that's why when he was assassinated, the whole Philippines united as he was laid to rest. 

Next, there was People Power (1980s, 1990s) that again proved the love of the Filipinos for their country. Cory Aquino led this revolution and defeated Marcos as she became the first woman president. She was a good mother to our nation and she loved the Filipinos more than any of our presidents did. Because of her, yellow became the new black and white. When she died last year, the Filipinos were there again to see their president for the very last time. 

 The Aquino family did not only fight for democracy, but also for unity. Up to their last breath, they reminded the Filipinos the importance of prayer and of family. The Filipinos never stopped praying for them, and were all united as they joined Ninoy and Cory from people power to their very own burial. 

And I am very hopeful that Noynoy Aquino, our new president, will have the same love for our country. As he is put into power today, June 30, we join the Filipinos all over the world praying that our new president will be able to solve the problems of our country. It would be hard to do that in just a matter of six years, but seeing the support of all the people who gathered today to hear what our new president has to say only means one thing - the people are ready for change and the people are ready for a new president. So for now, we thank God for the peaceful transition of power and we can only hope for a better Philippines by trusting the new government that we are blessed with. 

Tomorrow I start work, which also marks President Noynoy's first day in office. We'll both be welcoming changes, and I hope we can both be successful in the path we have taken. Congratulations President Noynoy Aquino! It's not only you who won this day, but all of the Filipinos as well! ☺

Monday, June 28, 2010

All about Sandy and Bowie

Ohhhhh... I can't believe I almost forgot to introduce you to the newest addition to our family...

Meet Sandy! She's already 9 months old, and she's a Lhasa Apso dog. We got her last Friday, and she's been nothing but nice and gentle to all of us. She was named after little orphan Annie's dog, Sandy.

She may look like a Shih tzu to all of you. Well yes, Lhasa Apso dogs and Shih Tzu dogs belong to the same family, but you should notice that a Shih tzu's nose is more "pango". And I'm also very proud to say that my Lhasa Apso dog doesn't need grooming to maintain her long straight hair. Whether you comb it or not, she has naturally straight hair (but this isn't true for all Lhasa Apsos ha, just for Sandy ☺).

Honestly, I am no dog lover who would let a dog sleep beside me on my bed, but over the past few months I have learned to appreciate dogs. I'm just not a fan of very playful dogs though. I used to always wish I had my very own yorkie because I like the way they look, but after researching and finding out that terriers are considered to be really aggressive and playful, I had to think of another kind of dog. So what I'm trying to say here is that Sandy is perfect for me. She's so much more mature than other dogs already (she's already 9 months) and she doesn't run around the house just to get my attention. When I'm sitting down, she just sits down on the floor too. She doesn't bark so much and she's not too papansin. I think Sandy's perfect for our family! ♧

As for our other dog Bowie (short for Ba-wa-wow), she's slowly getting used to Sandy. Although you'll notice that she's sometimes jealous of her, she's also happy that she has a new playmate. Bowie can be really rowdy and giddy when we let her and Sandy play inside the house, but what usually happens is that Sandy will lie down on the floor just looking at Bowie... and Bowie will run around wanting Sandy to run after her. But because Sandy's on heat (and has her period now), I think Bowie has to play with Cara first. After all, sila naman talaga yung mag-bestfriend. hahaha. Even if I shout at Bowie most of the time (because of how she equates biting with playing), I still don't want her to get jealous of the new dog so I'm posting pictures of her too para lang equal sila. Haha.

Who knows... In a month or so, my dad just might get another dog. It's really been his past time lately. 

And no one's complaining...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh my pretty pretty boy...

Look... I never had the chance to watch this season's Pinoy Big Brother. But because I was home the whole day yesterday, I had the chance to watch the big night.

And my eyes were particularly glued to these two boys... 

I'm sure they'll be big stars without even having to win this show!!! HEHE. Gawd, I sound like a high school girl, but I have to admit they have pretty faces. I know you'll agree with me! 

Omigod you guys!

Just finished watching Legally Blonde the Musical todaaaay!!!

I'd like to say that I enjoyed the whole production, but it can do so much better.

Thanks to NIKKI GIL, she was the only person who made the play interesting and lively. 

She knew how to make people laugh the whole time. Even though it was her first experience in a musical production, it felt like she had the most experience on that stage. She knew how to be Elle Woods. She was given the perfect role. It was just too bad that some of the casts seemed to not jive with their role. As expected, Nyoy Volante didn't have chemistry with Nikki Gil. Sorry for the word, pero sobrang sablay eh.

Over all, I'd still recommend you to watch Legally Blonde! After all it's a feel good story that will make you laugh 'til you can't take it anymore!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Too Cute!

IN CHINA: Dogs dressed up as their other animal friends! 

Chinese people never run out of ideas! Just look at these dogs... They may not be liking what their owners have done to them, but people definitely like and love it! :D 

I honestly want to buy a Chow dog right now and paint and groom him to be a panda cub. HAHAHA and I'll be walking around Eastwood with a "panda cub"!!! Saktong matatakot lang mga tao dun. :))

GOOD JOB PET LOVERS! Now it's time to reward your dogs after the so many hours of grooming they've been through! :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Forever Young, I wanna be!

You know what they say that the sequel of movies never do justice to the first movie. It might be true to a lot of movies with sequels, but this is never true with Toy Story. Be it Toy Story 2 or 3, the sequels of this movie is as good as its first one. It never fails to bring each one of us back to our childhood. I would have to agree with Toy Story 3's current rating in Rotten Tomatoes (with a whooooping 98%). 

Of course, Cara's favorite was Woody. She never stops talking about the whole film.
I'm hoping she learns how to take care of her toys and appreciate them ... and stop buying more.

Because Cara's body clock is as screwed up as mine, we watched the last full show at the movie house of Shangri-La Plaza (with Papa, Mama and Klaire). Because Cara has watched two 3D movies already (How to train your dragon & Shrek) and was always scared to put on her glasses, we decided not to watch Toy Story 3 in 3D. Aw aw aw... I want to watch it again in 3D! I'm sure sobrang gandaaaaaa!!! Especially Pixar uses really high technology. So for those who haven't watched it, it's a really great film and it's really worth it to watch it in 3D (even I haven't seen it in 3D myself...haha).

I think Barbie (as in the company) invested their money in a good advertisement. Toy Story 3 will definitely bring back Barbie's charm! So young girls, start enjoying Barbie items again! Few months from now, toy stores will be full of Kens and Barbies again, but will definitely be dominated by Woody and Buzz!!! You'll be earning big time Disney Pixar!

Ken, I love Barbie's leg warmers too.

If you miss everything about being a kid, you better watch this movie (just watch it)! It's either you'll want to buy your kids more toys (to actually get to play with them too) or you'll end up almost crying like me at the end of the movie (because of how I wished I took care of my toys so I won't have to spend for new ones when I have children na). HAHAHA! Either way, it's going to make you remember how everything was so easy for you when you were just playing with those toys! ooohhhh... I'm going to make sure my kids get the kind of childhood Andy and I got! ☺
✂ -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Anyway, talking about childhood... I miss college! I never thought I'd say this but college is actually way better and easier than the stage I am in right now. Once in awhile, acting like we were students again helps to make me feel relaxed and comfortable (especially if I'm with my "comfort zone group"). So it was nice to spend time with my Sec-C girls last Saturday in Izakaya. I missed you girls so much! We will definitely be doing this more often. During these depressing times, we can only be there for each other (and everything makes sense again).

I you forever!
Thanks to Ekay for the photo! 
Thanks to Donna of Fashion Department Store for the very nice dress (I'll blog about this soon...promise)!

Time to say goodnight and 
let my melatonin vitamins do its job.