Sunday, July 4, 2010

Early Birthday Surprise!

He sure knows how to surprise me!!! I'm pressured na tuloy for his birthday :|

So he told me to get his map in his car's compartment 'coz he needed to know how to get to Mandarin hotel.

At first, I didn't want to get it 'coz I told him I can show him the way 'coz I knew how to get there naman. But he was insisting, "Kunin mo na yung map!" hahaha. And when I opened it, I wasn't looking inside pa. Poor Teban. It took 5 seconds or so after opening the compartment before I looked inside.

When I saw the new cellphone, I thought it was his extra phone. So I was seriously going to ask him, "ano 'to? pang text sa girls?" because I remember talking to my friends about (suspiciously) hidden extra phones... Until I realized it was my birthday in 4 days nga pala. It took me awhile before I got it and thanked him. hahaha.

We had an early birthday dinner at Mandarin Oriental Hotel's Paseo Uno. We feasted over food, especially at the dessert table! Although I don't believe in celebrating birthdays earlier, I didn't mind celebrating it this time. How could I resist such an offer, right? :)

Mandarin gave me the white chocolate mousse I've been eating the whole night to take home as their birthday cake for me. I really wished I had better pictures of me and teban that night. It was definitely a very special night. Because we haven't been going out on formal dates for awhile, I really enjoyed being able to be with him during my early birthday dinner. :) Thanks Teban!!! 

White Nokia E71: This is waaaay better than the Nokia C3 in my wishlist! And he even got me the white color! Good taste Teb!!! So I guess I'm saying goodbye to my HTC Pro. Any buyers? Hehe. Teban really executes his surprises for me well. It's always better than what I am expecting for. I want to know how to surprise people too! 
This is my advanced birthday blog entry. I wonder how much I will be able to say about my real birthday entry! So far, this early surprise is rated 11/10!!! Good jobbbbb!!! 

P.S. I'll also blog about my first day soon. Promise.


  1. awww soo sweet of him to do that naman...i wish i could find someone as sweet as him or maybe sweeter :)

    anyway, advance happy birthday! :)

  2. awwww..Teban is so sweet. advance happy birthday klau! ;)

  3. hehehe hey anonymous 1&2: Hello! I'm sure you'll find someone who fits you perfectly :) It's all about being patient! Thanks for the greetings! :)