Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Yellow Family

The Aquino family was bound for fame (or in other words, for the spotlight). Not only because Kris Aquino is part of that family, but because their family has been given a rare duty by God: that is to serve the Filipinos "with all your heart, with all your might and with all your strength" (as put into words by Ninoy Aquino).

First (1960s, 1970s), there was Ninoy Aquino's fight for democracy. He was well-loved by the Filipinos, that's why when he was assassinated, the whole Philippines united as he was laid to rest. 

Next, there was People Power (1980s, 1990s) that again proved the love of the Filipinos for their country. Cory Aquino led this revolution and defeated Marcos as she became the first woman president. She was a good mother to our nation and she loved the Filipinos more than any of our presidents did. Because of her, yellow became the new black and white. When she died last year, the Filipinos were there again to see their president for the very last time. 

 The Aquino family did not only fight for democracy, but also for unity. Up to their last breath, they reminded the Filipinos the importance of prayer and of family. The Filipinos never stopped praying for them, and were all united as they joined Ninoy and Cory from people power to their very own burial. 

And I am very hopeful that Noynoy Aquino, our new president, will have the same love for our country. As he is put into power today, June 30, we join the Filipinos all over the world praying that our new president will be able to solve the problems of our country. It would be hard to do that in just a matter of six years, but seeing the support of all the people who gathered today to hear what our new president has to say only means one thing - the people are ready for change and the people are ready for a new president. So for now, we thank God for the peaceful transition of power and we can only hope for a better Philippines by trusting the new government that we are blessed with. 

Tomorrow I start work, which also marks President Noynoy's first day in office. We'll both be welcoming changes, and I hope we can both be successful in the path we have taken. Congratulations President Noynoy Aquino! It's not only you who won this day, but all of the Filipinos as well! ☺

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