Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Forever Young, I wanna be!

You know what they say that the sequel of movies never do justice to the first movie. It might be true to a lot of movies with sequels, but this is never true with Toy Story. Be it Toy Story 2 or 3, the sequels of this movie is as good as its first one. It never fails to bring each one of us back to our childhood. I would have to agree with Toy Story 3's current rating in Rotten Tomatoes (with a whooooping 98%). 

Of course, Cara's favorite was Woody. She never stops talking about the whole film.
I'm hoping she learns how to take care of her toys and appreciate them ... and stop buying more.

Because Cara's body clock is as screwed up as mine, we watched the last full show at the movie house of Shangri-La Plaza (with Papa, Mama and Klaire). Because Cara has watched two 3D movies already (How to train your dragon & Shrek) and was always scared to put on her glasses, we decided not to watch Toy Story 3 in 3D. Aw aw aw... I want to watch it again in 3D! I'm sure sobrang gandaaaaaa!!! Especially Pixar uses really high technology. So for those who haven't watched it, it's a really great film and it's really worth it to watch it in 3D (even I haven't seen it in 3D myself...haha).

I think Barbie (as in the company) invested their money in a good advertisement. Toy Story 3 will definitely bring back Barbie's charm! So young girls, start enjoying Barbie items again! Few months from now, toy stores will be full of Kens and Barbies again, but will definitely be dominated by Woody and Buzz!!! You'll be earning big time Disney Pixar!

Ken, I love Barbie's leg warmers too.

If you miss everything about being a kid, you better watch this movie (just watch it)! It's either you'll want to buy your kids more toys (to actually get to play with them too) or you'll end up almost crying like me at the end of the movie (because of how I wished I took care of my toys so I won't have to spend for new ones when I have children na). HAHAHA! Either way, it's going to make you remember how everything was so easy for you when you were just playing with those toys! ooohhhh... I'm going to make sure my kids get the kind of childhood Andy and I got! ☺
✂ -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Anyway, talking about childhood... I miss college! I never thought I'd say this but college is actually way better and easier than the stage I am in right now. Once in awhile, acting like we were students again helps to make me feel relaxed and comfortable (especially if I'm with my "comfort zone group"). So it was nice to spend time with my Sec-C girls last Saturday in Izakaya. I missed you girls so much! We will definitely be doing this more often. During these depressing times, we can only be there for each other (and everything makes sense again).

I you forever!
Thanks to Ekay for the photo! 
Thanks to Donna of Fashion Department Store for the very nice dress (I'll blog about this soon...promise)!

Time to say goodnight and 
let my melatonin vitamins do its job.


  1. Woooow! The dress looks good on you. Pretty! :''>

  2. Hey Donna, thanks!!! :) Siyempre, galing sayo eh!!!