Sunday, June 27, 2010

Omigod you guys!

Just finished watching Legally Blonde the Musical todaaaay!!!

I'd like to say that I enjoyed the whole production, but it can do so much better.

Thanks to NIKKI GIL, she was the only person who made the play interesting and lively. 

She knew how to make people laugh the whole time. Even though it was her first experience in a musical production, it felt like she had the most experience on that stage. She knew how to be Elle Woods. She was given the perfect role. It was just too bad that some of the casts seemed to not jive with their role. As expected, Nyoy Volante didn't have chemistry with Nikki Gil. Sorry for the word, pero sobrang sablay eh.

Over all, I'd still recommend you to watch Legally Blonde! After all it's a feel good story that will make you laugh 'til you can't take it anymore!

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