Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Too Cute!

IN CHINA: Dogs dressed up as their other animal friends! 

Chinese people never run out of ideas! Just look at these dogs... They may not be liking what their owners have done to them, but people definitely like and love it! :D 

I honestly want to buy a Chow dog right now and paint and groom him to be a panda cub. HAHAHA and I'll be walking around Eastwood with a "panda cub"!!! Saktong matatakot lang mga tao dun. :))

GOOD JOB PET LOVERS! Now it's time to reward your dogs after the so many hours of grooming they've been through! :)


  1. Omg! Those dogs are too cute! Great idea for Chow owners. I'd like to have one too, kaso I'm scared of their 'moody' and 'bad' side.

  2. Yes, they are!!! I heard nga chow dogs have really bad temper. They grow up to be so big pa! So yah, you can get a dog as cute as them naman.You don't have to settle for a chow dog. I suggest you look at Lhasa Apso dog. :)

  3. I have a friend who got scratched across the side of her lips by her Chow-Chow while they were playing. She still has a scar!

    Just saw your post on your family dogs. They're so cute! I have an 8 month old Pomeranian named Chowder. Check out my blog for his pic :D

    By the way, I just added a new badge for PETA on my blog. Since you're a dog lover too, maybe you'd like to put one here. It's for a good cause. :D

  4. that's harsh!!! Tuwing makikita nya yung aso, grabe... siguro sobra galit nya dun! Kung ako yun, di ko mapapatawad yung aso. hehe.

    Sige, i'll check your blog. I had a black pomeranian when I was young. But nawala dahil nakawala sa house namin. :(

    How do I add that badge nga pala? Sorry, not too techie.

  5. saw your dog! very healthy and cute ha :)

  6. I know, but she still has that dog up to now. I guess she really does love her Chow.

    You may get your badge here ( then go to your Blogger Dashboard -> Design tab -> Elements. It is best to put this at the lower header area right under where your blog posts come out. Click 'Add a Gadget' then copy paste the code, and then save. Don't forget to click save on the main page! :D I was a Blogger user before too. :)

    I am very OC with my dog, or in layman terms, strict. Hahaha! Sandy and Bowie are adorable! :D