Sunday, June 6, 2010

Birthday Wishlist

Exactly a month and a day from now, I'll be celebrating my 22nd birthday.
And even though I'm not going to have everything in this list, it still feels nice to wish :)
These items are arranged in order - #1 being my "top wish"! HAHA

1) NOKIA C3 - this tops my list! It's about to change my HTC phone and make things simpler and easier for me :) I hope Nokia releases the unit before my birthday! 

2) CANON POWERSHOT SD1400 IS - I can still go to Sony right now and have my camera repaired. But it would be so much more practical to get a new one than have my old camera repaired for the same price!!!

3) PINK LIPSTICK - I've been buying lipsticks from different brands. I never got the shade I'm trying to achieve. It's hard to buy the perfect one 'coz you can't try it on. Oh well, so I'm just waiting for someone to give me one 'coz they're so expensive. I hope someone gets the right shade for me! Haha.

4) OCEAN ADVENTURE SWIM WITH THE DOLPHINS - Grabeeee. This, I've been wanting to do!!! But it's so hassle to ask my parents to take me there knowing they don't want to do it naman. So who wants to do it with me? Let's go please!!! I'm treating dinner! 

5) WALK-IN CLOSET - Dahil nagsisiksikan na damit ko sa cabinet ko, hindi ko namamalayan ang rami ko palang 'di nagagamit! I want a walk-in closet where every piece has its own hanger! Gusto ko isang tingin palang, nakikita ko na yung feel ko gamitin na damit for the day.

6) IPAD - I think everyone wants one! So yah, I'm joining the bandwagon. It's not on top of my list though! Apple's going to continuously upgrade this for the next month or so... Let's wait for the best one with the best price!

7) ROOM MAKE-OVER - My room looks like a 4-year old's bedroom. It's too pink and yellow. Too much flowery, girly stuff too. So I think I need to start making it look mature. I still want it to have a hint of pink though :) Who wants to become an interior designer and make my room her project? 

8) GUYLIAN LA TRUFFLINA - I don't remember who gave me a piece of this, but I blame you for making me crave for more! If only they weren't expensive, I'd binge on them all the time. Can I spend for myself on my birthday and eat a whole box of LA Trufflina?

9) GUIANDUIA CARA MIA GELATO - Yes, Amici's ice cream! It's really the best. I've never been a fan of ice cream, until I tasted this brand. Their Guianduia flavor in particular! I want more than one cup for my birthday! Haha. 

10) GUYLIAN SEASHELLS - Whenever my dad would go on business trips, we'd ask him to buy this for us. Back then, it wasn't available here yet. I stopped buying this seashells brand since last year when I found out Goya had something really similar (if not exactly the same) that was a lot cheaper.

After writing my wishlist for the year, I feel like it's impossible to get any of my top 7 for my birthday!!! So I just might give myself top 8-10 next month. Hmmm... Let's see how many I can check from this list in a month! :)


  1. hi again klau! :)

    wah. i want to try to swim with the dolphins too. funny, 'coz i just live near subic, at hindi pa ako nakakapag-ocean adventure. haha. ay, isang beses na pala, kasama siya sa itinerary nung field trip namin noon. haha. :)) if ever you visit subic, let me know so we could both do this. hehe. ;)

  2. Yes, we can both do this!!! I've been to ocean adventure, and it's really nice ha. not comparable pa to other countries' parks pero pwede na :D I feel like swimming with the dolphins won't be possible anytime soon because of the rainy season :(

  3. oh yeah. *sad sad* di bale, there's still next summer, next year. haha. at di lang tayo sa ocean adventure pupunta, i want you to see and experience tree top adventure. it so cool there. (that is, if you're not afraid of gravity and awesomeness. hehe.)

  4. where's tree top adventure???!!! Tell me about it! I love trying out new stuff!!!

  5. ako na magpapagawa ng walk in closet mo... cheka! love love, miss patch!

    pero infer, pinaka-achievable dito ung nokia c3!!! feeling ko magkakaroon ka haha! or a new chanel bag... cherkah!

  6. gawin mo na ang walk-in closet ko at samahan mo na rin ng birthday surprise sa loob! HAHAHA.

    love love love you! So how's work treating you? Please tell me it's been good :)

    Magkakaroon ng c3? Eh di pa nga out eh!!! So kung may magbigay sakin, magic nalang! or tuh-muuuh pwedeng chanel bag!!! HAHAHAHA

  7. love love love na ako sa mga co-workers ko :) pero naninibago pa rin ako sa writing style, tee hee!

  8. it's also around the subic bay area. i really had fun there. am kinda an adrenaline junkie kasi. hehe. so there, may hint ka na kung anong meron dun. hehe. if you wanna get high on nature... tree top adventure is a must. anyway, if you want to know more about what i'm trying to say here, might as well visit their website. check out
    wohoo! :))

  9. misspatch: magaling ka naman eh. I've always admired your work!!! so go go go! Make a big change sa the buzz. :)

  10. Jam: sige, ill research about it nga. I'll try to do it after the rainy season :) Thanks so much!