Sunday, June 6, 2010

Getting a Free Dress Through Blogging

The most amazing thing happened to me today!!! 
So, I was always a fan of this online shop in Multiply and in Facebook: 

We have the same taste for dresses, so I regularly check out this online shop. Prices are affordable too! ANYWAY. . .Despite the nice dresses and affordable prices, I know there was no way for me to order yet because it was either I did not know how to go about Globe G-Cash or I was simply tamad to go to a BPI branch. I was just having fun looking through the clothes while hoping I can purchase a lot of their items soon.

Yesterday, I couldn't help myself. The site uploaded a lot of albums and I had plenty of time to look through all of the albums. I ended up saving 4 pictures of their pre-order dresses and made sure I checked out the FAQs of the Globe G-Cash site to know the best way I could pay for these items if ever I do order them. Instead of ordering these pieces at once, I randomly messaged the Facebook site of the shop first to know if the pair of gloves the model in the picture was wearing was included when you purchase the little black dress. Unfortunately, it wasn't. BUT...

Instead of still getting the dress without the gloves, I got the dress for free!!! Yes, F-R-E-E!!! The shop owner messaged me right after I asked her about the gloves,

"Hi Klaudine, I'm the owner of this shop. The one who replied to you previously was my manager. 
Anyway, if you want this dress I can give this one to you for free. :) 
I read your blog and I enjoyed it hehe. Just give me your shipping details so I can ship this directly to your house :) 
No hidden charges or what. I just want to give it to you as a gift since you look very nice naman :)"

She was reading my blog (Yes, this blog!). Oh, how good it felt knowing someone actually appreciated everything I was writing and sharing! That was so random and awesome!!!

The shop owner's name is Donna. Thank You Donna!!! Aw aw aw... You made my "summer ender" a big KA-BOOM! Binroadcast ko sa buong bahay namin yung effect ng blog ko ha! HAHA. Kahit two days palang ata 'to, at least I know someone's reading it kahit walang comments dito!

So this is the least I can do for you Donna! GO VISIT FASHION ONLINE DEPARTMENT ONLINE SHOP in Multiply or in Facebook. Their clothes are so nice and they don't cost too much. :) But please don't expect free clothes. Mine was totally unexpected. HEHE. And I probably already deserve to own at least a piece of their clothing line after constantly visiting their site since Multiply days pa. 

P.S. I'll be posting pictures of the items once I get hold of them. :)


  1. awww... lucky girl. :)

    btw, i also read your blog. (ito, may nag-comment na ah. hehe)

    stay nice and pretty klau. :D

  2. WOOHOO!! happy happy joy joy! A comment :D Thanks for reading my blog! Don't stop,k?! :))

  3. hahaha. i won't. might be a regular na nga dito eh. hehe. i love reading your blog. i'm a fan of you and klaire ever since i saw you guys at the cover of candy mag. :)

  4. oh, thanks jam! That's really flattering! Grabe candymag??? 6 years ago pa yun ha! HAHAHA klaire also has a blogspot. it's :)

  5. ahaha. yup, medyo nakakahiyang aminin, but yeah. haha. i've always wanted to get to know you guys more, but it seems you guys were kinda hard to reach way back then. hehe. i usually visit your multiply site noon, when you regularly post something new. we're online buddies there. hehe. oh yeah, i've seen it na last year pa. i added her up in fb, and surprisingly, she accepted my invitation. that's where i got her blogspot site. she posted it there. too bad she doesn't updates much na. busy much perharps. :)

  6. Hi Klau!
    Same here,I'm also a fan of you and Klaire because of candymag. Anyhoo, I enjoy reading your blog 'cause your posts are inspiring. Keep it up!:)

  7. Jam: yes, she's been busy nga. Siyempre, she has a little girl na! Sorry I read your reply now lang. I miss multiply nga. Pero Facebook na talaga ngayon eh. So I joined blogspot nalang so I'd get to write pa rin. :) Well, thanks for visiting my multiply. Visit naman my blogspot this time. hehe :D

  8. Anonymous: Thanks!! :D I'm glad you find it inspiring. I'll try to post more often! Visit ha hehe :)