Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lesson Learned Today

Do not watch Romantic flicks so you won't expect your special someone doing the same thing for you then ending up disappointed when they don't. :( 

Expect them not to show up when you cancel something. They're never going to be there to surprise you. I should know, I studied the word "ego" for eight semesters of Psychology. HAHA.

AND SO... That was summer! At least for me... I had no way to go out today which was my last Saturday (without someone who was more than willing to drive for me), so I had no choice but to stay home. I hope you had a better ending to your summer than mine. Good thing, Haley's birthday is tomorrow and I promise myself that it'll make my "summer ender" so much better :)



  1. awww. :c

    anyway, i hope you feel much better now. smile pretty klau. :D

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  3. that's so good to hear. how's first day of work? (tama ba, first day? hehe.)