Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Elle Woods has arrived!!!

I'm definitely going to watch this! It's an early birthday treat for myself :) 

Especially it's starring Nikki Gil, one of the most angelic voices I've heard.
I'm just not so sure if Nyoy Volante fits the role of Elle Woods' other half. Parang hindi sila bagay ni Nikki Gil eh. And isn't Emmett Forrest supposed to be a pretty boy kind of guy? Hmmm... Does Nyoy fit that description? Well, we'll see how it works out for the production very soon!!! :)

If you plan on watching this too, visit their multiply site for more info:


  1. yeah!!! hindi ko gets ang casting kay nyoy!!! sana someone better looking, tee hee! libre mo ako ng ticket, klau!!! chekaugh!

  2. hahahahaha ikaw nga dapat manlibre! ako ang jobless dito!! :))
    diba si nyoy! whatsup naman!!! sorry naman ang pretty boy nya. :))

  3. although panalo ang casting guji lorenzana... pero sha ung bad guy, huhu!

  4. okay naman halos lahat ng cast...but nyoy was medyo weird. haha. pero malay mo naman, baka talented talaga si boy. :) miss patch, we need to talk!!!