Monday, June 7, 2010

HK Choi & My Craving for Roast Duck

I hate to admit it but my boyfriend exactly knows where to take me out on our random dates. When I'd suggest a place to try out, almost always "palpak"!!! And when he'd choose the place, I always end up enjoying the food. And today's restaurant choice was his, and as expected, I ended up loving the food! 

I've been craving for Roast Duck ever since my Shanghai trip. I thought I'd get to eat duck during my whole trip, but I didn't know roast duck was so hard to find in Shanghai. It's more popular in HongKong. So I've been craving for so long! 


Fortunately, roast duck was all over HK Choi's menu! The restaurant we went to today is located in the new annex building of SM Megamall. It's also surprising that it only costs P180 to get the Roast Duck meal (with rice and soup). Teban ordered noodle soup but I forgot the name of his meal and I never had the chance to taste his meal 'coz I was already full. We ordered taro puff too, and it tasted as good as Gloria Maris'. 

I just had to blog about finally getting to eat Roast Duck again!!! :D Craving no more! Hmmm actually... I'm craving for some more!!!!


  1. *drools*
    looks delicious klau. thanks for sharing. i now have new idea where to take my family when we go to sm megamall. dining with my fam is awesome when you know you all love to eat. :))